Material 280

A white satin polypropylene label receptive to inkjet label printing with the added ability to be embossed and ideal for printing photographic images for primary display labels. Embossing adds a unique textured appearance and feel to the label that will make your artwork stand out. The adhesive is a versatile emulsion acrylic that adheres well to a variety of different surfaces including cardboard. The label is applied to a brown kraft paper liner suited for the embossing process.

Material 279

Matte clear polyester material that imparts a frosted appearance.

Material 276

Matte polypropylene intended for horticulture applications.

Material 269

Freezer-grade white gloss polypropylene with emulsion adhesive for inkjet printers.

Material 273

White polyolefin GHS label specifically engineered to withstand extreme and harsh environmental conditions. It provides excellent resistance to caustic chemicals, salt water, moisture, UV light, and abrasion. When combined with the QL-300 toner it meets BS 5609 Section 3 Certification. BS 5609 certification is required for any hazardous goods being shipped via ocean freight.

Material 66

Smooth, versatile, un-coated bright-white surface uniquely receptive and recommended for digital color label printing.

Material 3

Opaque and offers resistance to smudging, abrasion, moisture, dirt, oil, many chemicals, staining, weathering, and resists tearing in both directions. Permanent adhesive performs well in cold temperatures and conforms to curved surfaces.

Material 6

A bright white, polyester label material with matte finish designed for thermal transfer printing. With a matte top coat it provides the advantages of matte coating combined with a surface that is smooth enough for thermal transfer printing.

Material 14

White-colored paper label with piggyback construction where label has two release liners.

Material 19

Clear polyolefin label with a matte finish that resists water, mild acids, oils, and most solvents.