Inkjet Labels for Identification of Chemical Drums & JanSan


Challenging Drum Containers

Many chemical drum containers are difficult to adhere to for a variety of reasons ranging from their surface being porous to them containing plasticizers. We have engineered labels for those applications to ensure they adhere well, do not flag or curl off your containers over time.

GHS Labels

We offer a variety of label materials suitable for the production of GHS-Compliant labels, from very economical label stocks to those with more advanced adhesives to fit your specific requirements.

BS5609 Certification

If you ship your drums overseas, you know about this requirement. If you own a Water-Based Inkjet label printer that uses a Pigment ink set, odds are GetLabels has a label material that is BS5609 Section 2 & 3 approved for you.


Inkjet Matte Synthetic, White Polypropylene with Hotmelt Adhesive

This synthetic label looks and feels like white matte paper and was engineered to bond well to a variety of surfaces thanks to its Hotmelt adhesive.  It provides great print quality when used with both water-based DYE & PIGMENT ink sets.

Inkjet High Gloss White Polypropylene, with Extremely Aggressive Hotmelt Adhesive

Our material 217 was engineered to bond to just about any surface thanks to its heavy coat of aggressive Hotmelt adhesive.  It provides great print quality when used with both water-based DYE & PIGMENT ink sets. Warning: As much as we take all possible precautions to ensure these are perfectly manufactured for you, material 217’s adhesive is aggressive and may ooze especially if rolls are stored in a warm environment.

Inkjet High Gloss White Polypropylene with Hotmelt Adhesive

We engineered our material 216 to give you excellent print quality with both DYE & PIGMENT ink systems and made sure to use a good Hotmelt adhesive so it could be used on a variety of containers.  It makes for a very economical gloss synthetic label material that will be sure to meet your requirements.

Inkjet High Gloss Paper with Plasticizer Resistant Adhesive (Solvent-Based)

Premium quality high gloss white paper label designed for optimal print quality and abrasion resistance when used with water-based DYE inks.  Unique solvent-based adhesive designed to resist plasticizers found in PVC-covered gloss bottles and in a variety of other containers.

Inkjet Matte White Kimdura with Plasticizer-Resistant Adhesive

This label material is identical to our material 183 but is supplied with our solvent-based plasticizer-resistant adhesive.

Inkjet Matte White Kimdura, BS5609 Section 2 Certified

Our premium quality Matte Kimdura material features great print quality when used with PIGMENT-based Inkjet printers.  It is extremely chemical resistant and has been tested to BS5609 Section 2 standard as well as Section 3 with a variety of label printers.

Labels are supplied on corrugated cores.

Plastic cores & heat-seal shrink-wrap (individual rolls) available upon request (extra fee applies).